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How to Figure Out Unifieds

Posted by drew on November 18, 2021

How to Figure Out Unifieds

Nov 18, 2021

Remember when we talked about college audition Unifieds? Me too!

Now, one of the biggest questions is “how do I know if my school will be at Unifieds, I can’t find it on the list?” I’m here to tell you, don’t panic! The Unifieds consist of a group of schools from NY, CHI, and LA. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that other theatre colleges won’t be there. It just means that your school may not be listed on the website for Unifieds. There are only about 25 schools that are part of this group (U of A, Boston Conservatory, etc.). But again, other schools offering BFA’s like University of Arizona and Carnegie are there, just not listed.

Now when you decide to go to the Unifieds, keep in mind that you don’t register for them like you would a convention. You can be invited to audition, or you can take part in the walk-ins, which I highly recommend. Keep in mind that a lot of schools will also only be doing auditions online. So be sure to check with the schools you are interested in auditioning for and see if they will be doing the live college auditions or online.

The auditions for each school will range from $0 to $30, and you can sign up for as many auditions/schools as you want! I encourage you to bring cash/check/card to be able to do all of the walk-ins you are interested in. However, if you sign up for an audition time, please make sure that you can make it. If you change your mind about that school, or you are unable to make the audition time for some reason, you MUST go back and remove your name from the list so another auditioner can fill that space.

As a reminder, the Unified college auditions are being held in New York City from January 29-30,2022; Chicago February 7-10, 2022; and Anaheim February 12-13, 2022. So, mark your calendars and start planning your hotel stays if needed!

On a final note- if you are not part of the CAP Parent Support, join now! We are here and ready to help guide you through this milestone time in you and your child’s lives!